Elevate Your Library

Today more than ever, it's expected that you might need to manage student success, teaching and learning, research, and more. When you move to Alma, you will be taking the first step in making all these areas much easier to handle.

Unify Your
Library’s Resources

Electronic, Print and Digital – All in one platform

Alma provides the centralized management of print, electronic and digital materials, unifying and simplifying the management of ALL library resources. Alma focuses on helping staff by eliminating time-consuming manual processes and a complex patchwork of siloed systems. It was designed to automate routine library services and management processes, easing as much of your burden as possible.

Use Community-sourced Data

Automatically sync community records with yours. Access authority files at the click of a button.

The Alma Community Zone, an integral part of the Alma software, includes a Central Knowledge Base (CKB) of vendor offerings for electronic resources that is maintained by Ex Libris.
By integrating the CKB into the Community Zone, Alma allows libraries to eliminate the need to manually synchronize records for electronic resources in the local catalog.
In addition, the Community Zone also hosts authority files (e.g. Library of Congress, GND, FRBNF and many others) that can be freely used by the Alma community. Libraries no longer need to subscribe individually to expensive authority services, as all updates to authority files are managed by Ex Libris. This saves library staff the need to manage this time-consuming task.

Experience the Cloud

No servers and maintenance. Work anywhere at any time. Hassle free.

As a cloud-based solution, Alma is cost effective as there will no longer be a need for local IT services and the maintenance of locally hosted software and hardware. This leads to a lower total cost of ownership, with rapid deployment and savings on infrastructure, maintenance and IT. Best of all, Alma is a web-based software solution in the cloud – staff will be able to work remotely, offering services to patrons with minimal disruptions, even if the library is physically closed.

Analyze Everything with Ease

Take smart, actionable decisions about your collections. Compare your library to the industry average.

Alma Analytics was developed together with Alma from the very beginning. Alma Analytics is deployed on the top-of the line Oracle Analytics Server, the tool for sophisticated, but easy to use analytics. Alma Analytics provides insightful and actionable statistics and reports for librarians, is an integral part of the Alma software, and is included in the subscription.

Make Things Simpler

User experience has become ‘the thing’ in what we do. Wizards, system feedback, automated workflows and even smart recommendations will ensure that your job gets done.

Alma provides numerous tools to help the user. For example: wizards that streamline various workflows; system alerts that give you regular feedback, informing you of the state of your operations and what needs attention; smart recommendations for process improvements, automations, definition changes, and more are provided proactively and automatically.

Benefit from
Unified Management
and Discovery

You can manage both library resources and discovery services in a single interface, eliminating the need to switch between systems.

Alma and Primo are seamlessly connected through a unified backend and deliver a single-point of administration. You and your staff can manage acquisitions, activation, and fulfillment with unified workflows. The results are published to the discovery system in real-time. Critical content is immediately discoverable and processes are simplified, reducing time spent on setup, configuration, data updates, and more.

Elevate the User Experience

Primo with Alma delivers more capabilities and better resource access than any other discovery service.

Primo enables the discovery of electronic, digital, and print resources through sophisticated search and relevancy ranking technology. It relies upon resources in Alma and the Central Discovery Index, containing nearly 5 billion records, including more than 220 million open access records.

Primo combines the basic discovery capabilities patrons expect along with enhanced exploration tools, integration options, advanced patron services and a customizable next-generation user interface.

Best yet, linking to content is accurate and delivers the reliable access to content that users expect today.

Connect Your Systems and Services

Your library doesn’t live in vacuum, we get that. With hundreds of APIs and community driven Cloud Apps, it’s easy to connect to your academic eco-system.

Alma integrates well with external systems, such as vendor systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, metadata management systems, and remote storage systems via standard protocols such as S/FTP. It supports more than 200 APIs which are used daily by our customers to integrate Alma with their institutional ecosystem.

Thousands of institutions make millions of API calls on the Ex Libris platform every day.

Ex Libris’ Cloud Apps - an open framework that allows developers to write apps that run inside Ex Libris higher education products - can integrate with other systems or can provide shortcuts and efficiencies for institution-specific workflows.

Capitalize on Innovation

Multiple releases per year will ensure that your library is at the top of its game.

Alma as a multi-tenant SaaS solution is able to easily deploy multiple releases bringing the latest developments to the Alma community. Since its first release in 2012 there have been close to 100 releases with many, many new features deployed in a quick and timely manner.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Events, webinars, User Groups, Ideas, Creativity, and simply communicating with each other. It’s a magic community of amazing libraries and librarians working together to every one’s benefit.

Alma has a strong, diverse and shared community. As your library adapts to new technologies, you will have personal access to a wealth of experience and expertise gained from all the libraries that use Alma. Alma now has more than 2,000 customers with a global reach that has extended to 42 countries. Alma supports the concept of institutions sharing analytic templates, and various other configuration tables, thus obviating the need for staff to create these templates and tables individually.

Rely on Experts

With over 2,000 libraries already using Alma we know how to help you. We will take you by the hand, every step of the way. We promise you a smooth ride.

With over 2,000 Libraries already using Alma, the process of the actual move is easier than ever. With a simplified UX, organized on-boarding, and a dedicated project team, we will make every effort to ensure that your transition to Alma will be smooth.

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"The Alma-based workflow is quick and efficient, from licensing all the way to getting the right content into the hands of our students."
Sarah Falls, University Librarian
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operate effectively in an environment that has become increasingly online”
Jane Saunders, Head of Collections Services
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that kind of seamlessness
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team-building and staff
Kate Benning, Monographic Acquisitions Librarian
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